Round 6

Undead 1st March

This time the campaign army push forward for the castle. The Swamp Stalkers try to resist.

The feyland suddenly floods, meaning that their movement is impeded. All manoeuvre results will be halved.

No manoeuvre results from either army allows to Undead to capture the castle.

The deadland is buried and the castle is declared a temple, meaning that those dead units in the swamp can be buried!

Meanwhile, they attack the living swamp Stalkers with melee.

A massive 13 damage threatens to wipe out the Stalkers at this terrain.

The 5 saves they generate reduces the hit to a mere 8 points – still enough to the 7 health of units.

Undead 2nd March

The Undead horde try to regain ground at the Scalders home.

They are successful this time, winning by 5 to 1 manoeuvres.

Another attack on the Scalders is needed.

4 melee results given.

No saves offered. They, too, are wiped out.

The jubilant undead stay at home to party.


Scalders 1st March

The reserve army attempt a spot of magic.

Enough to bring back a Sparker.

Possibly too little and too late.

Scalders 2nd March

An unhelpful minor terrain means that, despite the march forward, they have no action to perform this time.

The only way to stop the undead will be by using magic, and that will soon be available to them.

Swamp Stalkers

With nothing in any DUA, the Mutate ability of the Swamp Stalkers can’t be used.

Swamp Stalkers 1st March

With only 1 army available, they march it home to face 8. The standing stones will allow them to use earth magic, in addition to their death and water varieties.

Thanks to the 8th face ability to double ID results, they generate 8 magic.

They try to stall the undead army with a death Drake.

The army stand firm at the standing stones.