Round 3

Time for the elves to try to regain the castle.

They get distracted and yield no manoeuvre results.

They are once again outmatched by the mammoth rider.

Perhaps a bit of magic from the reserve army might assist their cause.

The 3 points generated stirs another Bowman from the grave and back to the reserves.

So the elves re-deploy en masses to take back the castle once again.

The dwarves at the highland city move ever closer as they move the terrain to its 5th face.

This time the missile damage generated is down to only 4 points.

Once more, the Coastal Dodge ability of the elves comes to the reduce, generating a total of 6 saves against the 4 point missile attack.

Considering the amount by which they are outnumbered, the remaining dwarves at the feyland think that now is the time to withdraw to the reserves.

And the lizard rider gets called to help out in the highlands.