Round 2

Seeing that the dwarves are closing in, the elf commander tries to go for the castle on the feyland.

3 manoeuvres might not be enough, but is hopeful.

The dwarves are caught sleeping and fail to notice the oncoming horde of elves.

The elves capture the castle and declare it as a city, meaning that they are now able to recruit and promote once at the start of each turn.

For now though, they will try using magic.

As ID results now count double for the elves, as they control the city, the two conjurers generate 4 magic results each and the Evoker gives another 2 making a total of 10 blue and/or green magic points to be cast on the hapless dwarves.

These might help a little!

A bowman in the graveyard springs back to life and joins his brethren at the city gates.

A green and blue hybrid dragon is awoken and appears above the coastland tower in a rage.

The sharpshooter and knight make a hasty retreat to watch the developing fun from the reserves.

The dwarven infantry find themselves alone at the tower. Alone, that is, except for an enormous dragon bearing down on them.

The dragon deals out 6 damage with its claws. The dwarves need to generate saves and melee results simultaneously to overcome it.

Things go badly and the army fail to make any saves and only generate 6 hits on the dragon. 5 of the hits are taken up by its thick scaly hide, so only a small cut is inflicted.

3 more warriors of total 6 health, go to a quieter location.

Leaving the Lizard rider wondering what happened to his friends and wondering what to do.

Meanwhile, over at the highland city, the archers have their own plans.

Moving closer, they get the elves within missile range…..

…. and let fly 6 missile hits at the elves in the feyland.

As there is water (green) at the feyland, the Elves’ Coastal Dodge once again helps the elves as manoeuvres are used as saves. As the ID counts double too, they make saves against 4 of the incoming arrows. Sadly, two strike their target and the army takes more damage.

A fighter and a bowman bite the city dust.

The dwarves on the feyland see their chance to liberate the city from the elves.

And manage to generate 3 manoeuvre results. Might be enough, but the controllers of the city count IDs as double.

The magicians are outmanoeuvred, generating only 1 point, doubled up to 2. The city now goes back to face 7.

The mammoth riders trample their way towards the depleted (and possibly defeated) elven army causing 3 melee damage.

Lady Luck smiles on the elves as they no longer double ID results (as they no longer control the terrain), but still manage 4 save results using their Costal Dodge ability. Slippery customers these Coral Elves when they are wet.

The lizard rider manages to make good his escape from the dragon and shelters in the reserves.