Round 4

The elves, with no resistance now move it to its 8th face and declare it to be a tower, from which they are able to target all other terrains, including the dwarven reserves, albeit not counting IDs against a reserve army.

And it looks like these guys in the dwarf reserve army are put back into action sooner than they expected.

The elven counter generated by the herald does not work for missile attacks, but the sharpshooter’s bullseye does 4 damage and a re-roll.

The two reserve dwarves fail to save and go to the graveyard.

And the sharpshooter follows up with another 3 missile damage.

Sending the Sentry to visit his friends, have failed to save.

With the smell of victory in their nostrils, the elven cavalry rush off to pastures anew. But firstly to the reserves.

The dwarf archers are now in a race to claim their own terrain, whilst trying to keep safe from the elves that can even attack them in reserves.

They leave a single footman in charge of the terrain whilst the heavyweights try to evade the missile fire.

At least here the ID missile results (which would be doubled in this case, as the elves control the tower) do not count, so in the grand scheme, this is safer.