Round 6

Remember that dragon that finished most of the dwarf army?

Well, the elves have invited him back from his summer season on the coastlands.

5 manoeuvre results from the cavalry might help.

The dwarf ability of Mountain Mastery, which makes melee results count as manoeuvres, show that even a coral elf on a certain win should not be quantifying his poultry just yet.

The cavalry decide that they will be late for the dressage event if they stop to fight, and chase back to reserves, leaving dwarf archers and a blue and green dragon in their wake.

The dragon does not appear to like dwarves at all and rolls ‘breath’. As he is a blue/green hybrid dragon, this means that, not only does the breath kill 5 health with no save possible, but any survivors suffer the effects of both colours of dragon breath.

Another 5 health go to the grave and the other remaining dwarves call interflora for their own funeral.

They have given up!