Round 1

The elves try to manoeuvre their home terrain.

Getting 3 manoeuvres and lots of unused missile results.

The dwarfs counter manoeuvre with 3 IDs which always count as results of the kind that you are trying for. In this case, the 3-3 tie means that the Coral elves successfully move forward as the defender has to beat the aggressor’s score.

The elves close in on the dwarves by moving the terrain die to side 5.

The elves decide to fire missiles at the dwarven enemy at the frontier.

Bullseye!!! Very useful.

4 health worth of dwarves need to make a save or go to the graveyard.

One of them rolls an ID to save, but the other two perish as their magic does nothing to save them.

They could be lucky and get up to fight another day if they can get resurrected.

The Sharpshooter tries again, but fails to give any more missile results.

This means that the 1 missile and 1 ID roll gives only 2 missile results to fire at the Feyland dwarves.

They manage 4 saves by rolling ID results (counting as whatever we are rolling for, again). No damage done other than from the bullseye.

Back at the Feyland castle, the elves see a weakened dwarven army and try to close in.

This time the 2 manoeuvres generated might not be enough.

Fortunately for the elves, the dwarves do not see their manoeuvres and fail to resist.

The elves close in and the Feyland castle goes to face 7.

The elves at the highland city (Inverness possibly) withdraw to reserves.

With no resistance, the dwarves move toward the city.

Which now moves to its third face.

The dwarves manage to roll 3 points of magic and resurrect the Theurgist that was killed by the elven bullseye earlier.

Happy re-birthday!!

Meanwhile, over at the coastland, the dwarves contemplate a manoeuvre.

This time they manage 5 manoeuvre results. The elves want to use their crossbows and try to keep their distance

This time, the dwarves get the upper hand as the elves only generating 1 manoeuvre result, an ID.

The dwarves now close in to melee distance as the coastland moves to face 6.

The dwarves generate 6 melee damage against the elves but they know that the elves are tricky customers on the coast, as they use their Coastal Dodge ability to convert manoeuvres to save themselves.

The 6 manoeuvres count as saves for the elves in the coastland, which is good news for them as they produce no saves. The 6 saves generated by the manoeuvres mean that they take no damage and get to counterattack unscathed.

Dwarven legend states that elven archers are not overly proficient with a scimitar. Legend proves to be correct, as the five elves amass a total of 1 melee damage.

Now that was a stupid move by the elves! The dwarf Skirmisher (one of my favourite dice) counters, and not only generates 4 saves, but delivers 4 unstoppable hits to the attacking elves!

Sending an archer and two bowmen in for an early bath.

The dwarf commander decides to keep forces in situ, but is aware that Elf reinforcement is coming in from reserves.