Round 1


The Goblin horde try to manoeuvre.

The Goblins win by 10 results to 0.

Terrain is moved to face 4 and Goblins attack the home army with missile fire.

The undead try to save.

The 10 missile results are parried by the 10 Undead saves.

The Goblin home army miss their manoeuvre and take missile aim at the Undead at the Frontier.

The results refuse to work for them.

The Undead campaign army roll to save.

Only 2 missile results.

Easily matched by 7 saves.

The Goblin home and campaign armies are pulled back to reserves.


The Undead home army try to manoeuvre, the goblins counter.

Undead 6, goblins 19, thanks to their Swamp Mastery in Highland terrain. The terrain remains on face 5 – missile.

The undead therefore take a shot at the solitary Coral Elf fighter at the frontier, producing 4 damage.

The fighter becomes the first casualty.

Undead 2nd March – Campaign army try magic

Only 2 results produced.

Palsy is cast on Goblin Horde army.

The Undead horde pull back to reserves.

Coral Elves

Coral Elf Horde manoeuvre evacuated Goblin home terrain to face 4 and missile attack Undead campaign army at the frontier.

The missile attack.

The Gryphon ferries.


Undead campaign army rolls for saves

3 missiles parried by 3 saves. No damage.

2nd March. Move home to face 7. No action available.

The Horde withdraws to reserves.