Round 5

Tangerine Dreams

Tangerines: Manoeuvre frontier up. Make a poor attempt at magic.

How poor?

Tangerines: Hopefully better than 0.

Felines: Poorer than that, please.

Tangerines: If I go negative you don’t get more magic.

And your second wish master?

Tangerines: Lol. Maneuver home.

Felines: Oppose fiercely.

5-9 thanks to wind walk. Unsuccessful.

Tangerines: Commence dwarf tossing (missile).

Will do.

Felines: Wind Walk is the best! Off to your right is a DUA with open graves dug out for your Dwarf Tossing pleasure.

2 missile and 8 Cantrip.

Felines: wow, nice roll getting those cantrips!

They took me by surprise too.

Tangerines: Interesting! I think beefing up the dragon is the correct play so 4 ash storms to feral home.

4 Ash Storms
3 saves against the 2 missiles. No damage.

Felines: That’s the missile roll I wanted!

Tangerines: Retreat everybody.

Wind walk expires.

Frantic Felines

Dragon attacks.

9 IDs, 2 saves, 6 melee. Minus 4 ash storms.

Felines: 1 damage or 9 damage and slain dragon. Hmm… Slay the dragon.
2 Buffalo, 1 Wolf as casualties. Promotion: Hawk and 2 Badgers promote to the 2 Buffalo and 1 Wolf. Weasel promotes to Hawk, so 8 ID counts as melee (10 total), 4 melee subtracted. 1 ID counts as saves. 3 saves total.

Like this?

Felines: yes.

My counting makes that correct.

Felines: Then Feralize. :slightly_smiling_face: Promote: Weasel to Badger at Horde.
Recruit: Weasel at Home.


Felines: Horde down to 3 magic and roll.

3 magic

Felines: Resurrect another weasel (there’s one more in my DUA, right?)

There is one weasel.

Felines: Do that. Home up to 7. Then reserves… Hmm… Can I see a board update? Somehow Feral were all over the place.

Felines: Horde to reserves. All magic units to reserves. Done. Oh wait! Seeing the health is hard. Leave a falcon at Horde and a Weasel at HomeFelines


Felines: Correct! Glad you somehow understand me!

My dog does the translation.