Round 4

Tangerine Dreams

Tangerines: Reserve magic.

A brave attempt, but still a big zero.

Tangerines: Magic at home.

13 magic.

Tangerines: That’s a 2 point bird across from the mages?

Yes it is.

Tangerines: 2 firebolts at the bird (6), red drake to feral home.

The hawk saves.

Tangerines: 1/6 chance… grrr

Red drake goes on holiday.

Tangerines: Reinforce the grove with everyone.

Felines: That was the one spell I was worried about and I’m glad I got lucky!

Frantic Felines

Dragon attacks.

The usual 6

Tangerines: I was hoping to get as lucky as that bird and get a breath.

3 IDs, 5 saves

Felines: Save against all the damage.


Felines: Feralize: Promote Falcon to Hawk at Home. Recruit Falcon to Horde. Then first march will be magic from reserves.

9 magic

Felines: Wind Walk my Horde. Path my Vulture to Horde.

Tangerines: I never realized how strong feral reserve magic is. Nice play.

Felines: Reserve magic for many races is very powerful. Although if I was also in a melee fight, then yes. Casting spells to beef up my counterattack would make it even more fierce! I had a hard time deciding which two armies to march, though.

Tangerines: Most races seem to have resurrect + 2 other options in reserve. Ferals have 5! Two of which are their racials.

Felines: Some death races seem to just have resurrect! But yes, I was surprised looking just now seeing how versatile my reserves magic is! It’s gotta be one of, or probably definitely the best!

Felines: Second march I’ll attempt to manoeuvre the Horde.

Tangerines: I’ll oppose.

8-7 successful manoeuvre

Felines: Up and missile this Dwarf Home army.

Tangerines: Take cover!

6 missile
7 saves. No damage to take.

Felines: boo! Reserves: Weasel to Horde Rest to Home.

Weasel (singular)?

Felines: singular, yes.