Round 6

Tangerine Dreams

Ash storms expire.

Tangerines: Reserve magic.

15 magic

Tangerines: Resurrect everybody (12 magic).

Felines: Boo :stuck_out_tongue:

Tangerines: Reinforce all mages and 3 footmen to the grove, everyone else to the feral home. And the heart too!


Tangerines: That looks correct.

Frantic Felines

Felines: Feralize: Promote weasel to hawk at home. Promote falcon to badger at horde.


Felines: Magic from reserves.

11 magic

Felines: 2x Wind Walk on home. 1x Wilding on home. Attempt to manoeuvre my home up to 8.

Tangerines: Oppose.

14-19 unsuccessful.

Tangerines: Woohoo!!

I had to count that 3 times!!

Tangerines: I love mountain mastery!

Do you love Wilding too?

Felines: Yes, I made a mistake not looking at who I was fighting -_- Attack!


I make that 6 melee.

And 5 saves. 1 damage to take.

Tangerines: A pony dies, then counterattack.

5 melee.

Felines: Oh man, what a bad attack… At least the counterattack was bad, even for Dwarves! C’mon double counter-attack!


I assume that is 8 saves and 4 unsavable hits?

Felines: yup!

4 health

Tangerines: I will lose a lizard and a sergeant.


Felines: Wolverines stay in reserves. All other reserve units to my home. Horde to reserves. Actually, leave the horde where he is. Rest should be fine.

Badger left his satchel. Is going back.

Felines: With that one change it should be good.

Half time reminder to both of you. Only 6 rounds left!!