Round 2

Tangerine Dreams

Ash Storm blows out. Still available, but only in draught form.

Tangerines: first march at home cast magic.

14 magic!

Tangerines: wow

Don’t get excited. You know that it won’t last.

Tangerines: Resurrect the mammoth rider and a footman, stoneskin on the horde army. Second march, horde terrain to 6.


Tangerines: retreat the mammoth rider and three footmen from my home. End turn.

Frantic Felines

No dragon attacks. No feralization. No woman. No cry.

Felines: Magic.

13 magic!

Felines: Resurrect Wolf (9) and Falcon (3).


Felines: Leave 2 Wolverines in Reserves. Everything else Reinforce at my Home.

Round 3

Tangerine Dreams

Tangerines: My stone skin expired.

It did.

Tangerines: First march, magic at home.

Every silver lining has a cloud. 6 magic.

Tangerines: Those are 1 point mages in the feral reserve?

3 point mages.

Tangerines: Resurrect a sergeant.


Tangerines: Second march at feral home, attempt manoeuvres.

Felines: Oppose.

10-7 manoeuvre successful.

Felines: Successful? Boo! I was so close!

Tangerines: wow. down to 5

Felines: Trample is so awesome on Dwarves.

Mammoth rider helped a tad.

Tangerines: No actions. Retreat from feral home and end turn.

Frantic Felines

Felines: Feralize! What can I do, uncommon to rare archer? I think that’s what I see. I’ll do that. Feralize Medium Hawk to a Large Vulture.

Felines: First March: Magic from Reserves

Felines: Resurrect a Medium Hawk. I’ll maneuver terrain up to 6. Send all magic units to reserves. Done.

What about the hawk? Do you want to move the hawk-folk?

Felines: Yes, to the army. Wait! Sorry, let me look at the board. Let’s move the Hawk-Folk to the Horde and see what happens.

Hawk to horde.

Felines: Sorry for my frazzleness. I’m displaying uncertainty when I have a lack of focus and don’t have the board in front of me at all times. :stuck_out_tongue: