The Treefolk reserve are much more useful than the Frostwing reserve in that they have 5 spells available to them from here. Admittedly, two of them, watery double and stone skin, are identical, but even they are going to be useful from here.

The plan should be to impede the Areosa missile army from capturing the tower, so a lot of magic is going to be needed to do this.

Treefolk 1st March

The reserves try for magic.

They produce 9 results.

The wounded Willowling is revived, leaving the DUA empty once more.

3 Stone Skins give a bit of protection, should the Frostwing campaign army have ideas about trying out missiles.

Treefolk 2nd March

The minor terrain is buried as the dust storm subsided.

The home army fire missiles at the Frostwing campaign army.

They produce 5 results.

The Frostwings save with 7. No damage taken.

The Treefolk reserve deploy to the frontier.