Round 3

At the start of the round, the Wind Walk spell expires.


The Frostwing campaign army is unlikely to be able to manoeuvre without assistance against the large Treefolk army it faces. Another minor terrain might assist with both mobility and with saves.

The home army needs to march on, but there is the possibility of a dust storm impeding it’s chance of doing damage to the opposing campaign army.

Frostwing 1st March

The campaign army tries to produce some magic.

They only produce 3 results, enough to summon a dragonkin or to cast a magic drain spell.

The longer term defensive option is chosen, an a dragontroop is added.

Frostwing 2nd March

They risk manoeuvring to face 5.

This time there is no disaster as a result of their decision.

They fire missiles at the frontier.

They generate 10 missile results.

Which is met by 11 save results from the Treefolk campaign army.

Both armies remain at their stations.