Round 7

The Wind Walk spell expires at the Frostwings’ home terrain.


The Frostwings home army have to decide whether to eliminate the Treefolk at the frontier, which is almost a waste of a turn, as the biggest problem lies at the Treefolk home terrain, or to assist the horde army with outmanoeuvring the main Treefolk army.

Frostwings 1st March

They decide to try to split the Treefolk army by concentrating their attention on the frontier.

The home army tries for magic.

They produce an astounding 14 magic results.

They use them to try assist the horde army with Wind Walk and Palsy spells.

Frostwings 2nd March

They attempt to manoeuvre.

A heroic failure from the Wolf packs.

But the response is equally poor.

Even with Rapid Growth, the Treefolk are outmanoeuvred, thanks to the Wind Walk giving 12 results to the Frostwings.

Frostwings win 12 – 8 and the terrain is moved down to face 7.

Attacking the large home army with melee would be a risk too far, as all three units are needed to stop the recapture.

The cavalry are called back from the home terrain to assist with the horde’s new orders.