The battle appears to be slipping away from the Treefolk, who need to get their home back under their control, giving them access to air magic.

Treefolk 1st March

They try to manoeuvre.

They are crushed by a result of 7 to 24 from the Frostwings.

Seeing everything now going against them, the Treefolk change tactics by taking on a more aggressive role. They engage in melee.

They produce 13 minus 1 for the Palsy spell, giving 12 melee results.

They are parried with only 4 saves. Two Wolf packs are dispatched to the DUA.

The battle takes another turn.

Treefolk 2nd March

The Frontier moves to face 5 assisted by a double manoeuvre for ID results from the bridge.

The Eldar Dryad falls back into reserves.