Round 10


The Wyrm at the Frontier attacks the Frostwing campaign army.

A claw means that they have to defend against 6 damage.

They produce 4 saves and offer no attack. Two more units go to the DUA.

The drake attacks the home army.

Another 6 hits to defend.

The dragonkin breath does not work against a dragon, but it does generate 3 save results. There are two options therefore, the ID roll counts as either 4 saves or 4 missiles.

Option 1 – 4 Saves – This means 9 saves against the 6 melee results, so they take no casualties. They also make 6 missile hits, which do not kill the dragon. Basically, nothing happens and no hits are taken.

Option 2 – 4 missile – This means 5 saves against the 6 melee results, so 1 damage. As there are no 1 health units in the army, no damage can be taken, so no units are killed. They also get 10 missile results, killing the dragon and therefore units can be promoted.Option 2 means that 3 units are promoted.

The new Frostwing home army now includes Magic.

Frostwings 1st March

The home army attempt to generate magic.

They try to limit the magical powers of the Treefolk using two magic drain spells.

Frostwings 2nd March

The remaining cavalry at the frontier march forward to bring the terrain to face 7.

The Magus goes forward in support.