Round 11

Tangerine Dreams

Dancing lights expires.

Tangerines: Magic at home.

5 magic.

Tangerines: Resurrect a footman and stoneskin my home,  end turn.

Felines: Alright that means it’s time for….LOSE HALF MY ARMY TO A DRAGON!

Dragon breath expires. Dragon attacks.

Felines: I don’t know what you fed your dragon,  but it seems you’ve trained him really well! This is why my army needs a Mithril Shield.

Tangerines: I fed him venison, now he has a taste for ferals.

Cantrip, 2 saves, 4 melee

Felines: Ugh, I can’t even Path! 2 stoneskins. I think I have 3 health left alive? If so, a 2 and 1 pt magic unit.

14 damage. 17 health, so 3 left. Feralize.

Felines: 2 to 3 pt magic. Let me see Frontier please. 1 pt magic to 2 pt archer at frontier.

Felines: Magic at home.

5 magic.

Felines: Path my large magic unit to Frontier. Frontier down to 4 and cast magic.

3 magic.

Felines: Ouch! Resurrect a.. I don’t know what I have. Common mage. Done.