Round 9

Tangerine Dreams

Tangerines: Reserve magics.

7 magic

Tangerines: Resurrect the two ponies, reinforce to my home.

Felines: Ooh, hmm..

Frantic Felines

Felines: Feralize Hawk to Wolverine. Magic from reserve. Which will resurrect a small magic if I get any magic. Then magic from Home.

3 magic in reserves.

Felines: wow! Yay! Resurrect that little magic dude.

Little magic dude resurrected.

Felines: Magic from home.

12 magic.

Felines: Lightning Strike the big dice, Wizard and Mammoth Rider.

Luck is running out for the dwarves.

Tangerines: Damn… Gamble may not be paying off after all.

Felines: With a time limit, we all gotta gamble. Magic unit to home. my other unit to uh…. Frontier. Archer units retreat to reserves.

Tangerines: Archer retreat while at a tower? Interesting call.

Felines: All I can do is magic or missile. Not both. It’s hard for me to choose which I want to do. And only my ranged units have missile…