Round 8

Tangerine Dreams

All spells expire on feral home.

Tangerines: Mammoth tries for magic.


Felines: The woolly mammoths stomp their feet in frustration!

Tangerines: Magic at frontier.

10 magic.

Tangerines: Can I see the board?

This is the best I can manage at this time.

Tangerines: Yellow drake to my home, resurrect a pony rider. Retreat everyone.

Frantic Felines

Wilding expires. Dragon attacks.

6 and a breath.

Felines: Well that’s the whole army! I misread the sizes again. Likely the whole army. Large and Medium burn up to a crisp.

My yellow breath card has gone missing!

Felines: Not gonna matter once the rest of the army dies! Half manoeuvres.

I will use my black for now.

1 ID and 3 melee.

Frazzled! All my earth spell cards appear to be missing now.

Felines: If I can Feralize a Hawk to Wolverine I will do that.

You can. You have.

Felines: I think Home is my only army, so I’ll manoeuvre there.


Felines: indeed.


Felines: Oh, that’s right. He retreated from there. Magic!

6 magic.

Felines: Lightning Strike the wizard!

Another one gone.

Felines: Retreat a wolf-folk.