Round 12

Tangerine Dreams

Stone skin expires

Tangerines: Magic at home.

8 magic.

Tangerines: Red drake to the frontier, retreat to reserves.

Felines: Belly belly belly. Belly belly belly.

Frantic Felines

Stone skin expires.

Yellow Wyrm attacks first.

Felines: phew!

He even managed a save!

Felines: Good boy! You’re gonna get a treat after this match.

Red drake attacks.

3 IDs, 1 save, 5 melee and a rend.
3 more saves.

Felines: Just to confirm, this is the final round, right?

Tangerines: Yes.

Felines: 1 ID for missile for 10 missile I believe.

4 saves, 5 melee and 3 ID.

Felines: The rest for saves. So 6 saves, 9 damage, and a slain dragon. I don’t think anything else matters this round. But I’ll need to see DUA/Frontier if I’m to choose deaths/promotions, then feralize.

Felines: The 3 larges all die for the 9 damage. Promote two medium birds to large magic units. Two small units to two medium magic units. Then feralize. Promote small to medium magic at home, bring small magic to frontier. Magic at home then magic at frontier will be my marches.

Home first.

No luck.


9 magic.

Felines: Bring back a water buffalo. No reserves. Game over.

What an excellent game guys! That was great to watch.

Result – A well earned draw.