Round 2

At the start of the round, the transmute rock to mud spell expires.

The Goblins at the frontier don’t manoeuvre as they want to assist their horde army. They only manage to produce 2 magic results. This is used cast palsy on the Coral Elf archers at their home terrain.

They win the manoeuvre, but are not sure if they should risk closing in by moving the terrain to its 7th face.

They do, and regret it immediately as their ensuing melee attack only generates 1 hit and, as they have no dead units, they get no foul stench bonus on the counter attack.

The 2 saves generated minus 1 for the palsy spell is just enough and the elves counter attack.

Despite being archers by trade, the elves produce 5 melee hits, minus 1 for the palsy.

The Goblins fail to make any saves and receive 4 damage.

The good news is that foul stench now kicks in for 3 points on future melee attacks.

The reserve team come to stop the elves getting home to face 8.

The coral reserves magicians appear to still be on tea break and produce no magic results.

The Coral Elf home army produce only 3 manoeuvres. Note that the palsy has no effect on these manoeuvres.

The goblins do better by getting 6 and the terrain stays where it is.

The reserves go to help out adding a few possible manoeuvre results when the goblins march.

Most of the horde return to reserves leaving the Herald keeping guard.