Round 4

This next part in Red is a mistake that I made, stupidly forgetting that the Finger of Death spell can’t be cast from reserves. I have subsequently sacked my coach and am looking for someone with a proven track record in Olympic Dragon Dice to take his place. Hopefully it does not detract too much from the plot and does not give away that fact that it was Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick. Normal service is resumed at the end of the red text.

Unable to do anything from reserves, other than cast reserve spells the Goblins take their time and produce 4 magic results via IDs.

With no chance of defending the finger of death, the Evoker is dispatched to a quiet place.

This is the end of the illegal move bit – normal service is now resumed.

All the Goblin army are then deployed back at their Home terrain.

The watery double protection now expires on the elves.

This time the tower elves try to bring back an old friend for a bit of magical assistance generating 4 magic results and a resurrect dead spell on the Evoker.

The elves at the frontier close in, the terrain moving up to its 2nd face.

Reinforcements then arrive from the reserves.