Round 1

The battle starts with the goblins at their home terrain taking missile action against the Coral Elves at the frontier terrain.

The generate 7 missile results targeted at the elves.

… who generate only 4 saves and therefore take 3 damage.

A Conjurer and a Fighter leave the battlefield early.

The Goblins at the frontier then try to use magic to stop the elves at their home terrain from moving. They are successful and generate 7 magic results, mainly from IDs.

They use transmute rock to mud in an attempt to slow them down.

The Goblin home army then withdraw to reserves.

The Coral Elves also keep their distance at the frontier terrain and use their own magic to resurrect dead.

The 3 magic results that they generate is just enough to bring back the fighter.

As the home army are at minus 6 to manoeuvre owing to the transmute rock to mud spell, they stay where they are. The horde elves move back, reducing the terrain side 4 to avoid getting hit heavily when the goblins return. It will also allow them to fire missiles at the frontier goblins.

Which they heroically fail to achieve! No saves from the Goblins is necessary and they finish their lunch undisturbed.

The elves at the frontier then withdraw back to the reserves.