Round 8

The blue drake flashes its claws and produces 6 points of damage against the Goblin defenders. The Goblins produce a bullseye which, along with 4 more missile results, gives 8 points of missile so far. The rend produces 3 melee and a re-roll.

…and a second 3 points with the re-rolled rend result. 6 melee results so far and another re-roll.

A third rend re-rolled not only puts us in the realms of fantasy land, but give a total of 9 melee results and yet another re-roll.

At last we have a result. The additional 4 melee results minus the 3 blizzard subtractors give 10 melee results, which is exactly the required amount to kill the dragon.

Unfortunately, the Goblins also take casualties, having produced only 3 saves against the claw attack.

The Deadeye gets in a quick nap in the graveyard.

The dragon returns to its roost.

The Cutthroat and the Pelter get promoted for their contribution to the fight.

The Goblin army is further depleted.

However they still march forward as the terrain gets close to home.

The elves, meanwhile, concentrate on bringing back old heroes, using resurrect dead spells.