Round 5

Emboldened by their numbers, the Goblins move closer (4th face) which brings the elves at the frontier into missile distance. I roll produces two SAI results, a most useless Rend which does not count as a missile result, and a very useful bullseye, which almost axiomatically, does count as a missile result…..and possibly a second….a third……

The bullseye takes out a 3 health and 1 health elf unit, both failing to save.

These might not be alone for very long, looking at the missiles flying toward the frontier.

The bullseye is re-rolled and produces a further 4 missile results.

A total of 11 missile results is parried by 2 saves from the elves, leaving 9 damage results.

Which, by some strange coincidence, is exactly the right amount required to knock out the entire army.

The dwarf magicians are then dispatched to take advantage of the unoccupied frontier, while the rest of the army push ever forward at the highland tower.

The do say that “What goes around, comes around“, at least they do down at the Drunken Elf Inn, if nowhere else. This is proven to be true as the elves in their tower fire over to the Goblin’s reserve army and deliver a bullseye of their own.

All three units fail to produce a save result and are eliminated.

They join the slowly growing band of Goblin casualties.

Deja vu hits as, as for the Goblins a few seconds previously, 4 missile hits are produced from the bullseye re-roll.

As all of the missile results are generated by missile icons and not IDs, this means that the single remaining Goblin reserve is in for a bit of a shock.

Even his icon appears to have given up on trying to save against 7 missile results.

Well that was a lively round. Things are livening up here.