Round 3

At the start of the round the palsy spell expires.

Only 1 point of magic generated by the frontier Goblins and is therefore wasted.

Our drone shows us that the real fight is all about the 7th face coastland tower. The Goblins produce a mere 2 manoeuvres in their attempt to take possession.

..and are outplayed this time by the elves who manage to muster a superior 4 results!

Having little option other than to deplete the elven numbers, the Goblins produce 5 melee damage.

Which is embarrassingly easily parried by the Corals, making 12 saves. The elves get to counter, however…..

…the Foul Stench ability of the Goblins from their units in the DUA means three elves can’t attack owing to their surprisingly weak stomachs. This appears to be a common trait among mages, who are not well known for their weapon wielding in melee.

The non-queasy Elves counter attack with 4 melee damage results.

With the Goblins making 3 saves…

1 more dead goblin adds to the DUA.

The Goblins all withdraw to the reserves to re-group and redeploy in more suitable areas.

With no Goblins in site, the Elves capture their home terrain and the die is turned to its 8th face. This means that all ID rolls count double and that missile attacks from here can be targeted at any terrain, including the reserves. In this instance, however, with only a large group of Goblins in reserves at which to aim, and then ID results will not be counted, they cast magic, resulting in two Resurrect dead and two Watery Double spells.

The lone Herald at the Highland terrain withdraws and the terrain moves down to face 3.

The Elf reserve army move from reserves to frontier….

…as cavalry units from both of the other terrains withdraw to the reserves.

The drone’s view of the board at the end of round.